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Oblepiha Line

Oblepiha (Hippophae or sea-buckthorn) is a berry of the tree which native over a wide area of Europe andAsia. Sea-buckthorn is known for its benefits in both internal and external use. Sea-buckthorn oil is rich with carotene, vitamins E and F, which are responsible for skin and body regeneration and metabolism. Applying sea-buckthorn oil strengthens the hair follicles and makes the hair thick and healthy. It is also indispensable for dry and aging skin due to its moisturizing and regenerating effects. Sea-buckthorn based face creams and masks smooth and tone up the skin, bleach freckles and pigment spots. Cosmetics and skin care products based on sea buckthorn are valued for their rejuvenating and toning effects. Sea buckthorn oil is widely used in cosmetology due to the content of high concentrations of various beneficial substances that have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin, hair and nails.

1. Increases skin elasticity and firmness, eliminates not deep facial wrinkles.
2. Contributes to the elimination and / or lightening of age spots and freckles and overall skin whitening.
3. It nourishes and softens the skin, protecting it from moisture loss, drying and peeling.
4. Promotes restoration of acid-base and lipid balance of the skin.
5. It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminating acne and preventing skin inflammation.

Ageless Oblepiha EYE Serum

Ageless Facial Oblepiha no-soap

Instant Eye Lifting Gel-Serum

Active Recharging Moisturizing Oblepiha Day Cream (for regular/oily skin)

Active Recharging Moisturizing Oblepiha Night Cream (for regular/oily skin)

Active Recharging Moisturizing Oblepiha Day Cream (for dry skin)

Active Recharging Moisturizing Oblepiha Night Cream (dry skin)

Premium Gold Facial Mask

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