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Feetagoras 21 Mineral Bio-Socks of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea salt and water (which are basic ingredients for Natural Dead Sea Bio-Socks) provide many health benefits.

  • Dead Sea salt and water (which are basic ingredients for Natural Dead Sea Bio-Socks) provide many health benefits. When you apply Feetagoras Bio-socks, 21+ minerals are easily absorbed through your skin. Which is the best way to boost your magnesium (aside from through food). Sometimes getting the magnesium transdermally can be a good way because it is less affected by activity in your gut, from things like stomach acids and digestive enzymes. Most of us need to increase our magnesium because it is estimated that 70 to 80% of people are deficient in this mineral. Magnesium gets depleted whenever we are under stress or have anxiety too.
    • Since by applying the Dead Sea Bio-socks can assist to increase your magnesium, it can be correspondingly helpful in increasing the level of serotonin in your brain, which is a “happy” chemical and this helps make your feel good and relaxed!
    • Feetagoras Bio-socks has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial properties that help cleanse and detoxify and keeps your feet and nails healthy.. Magnesium is also a natural anti-inflammatory, and will help calm and soothe inflamed skin.
    • If you suffer from skin allergies such as eczema, or fungal condition like athlete’s foot or dry, cracked feet with calluses, then you want the best 100% natural foot care treatment you can get that restores your feet to the smooth, soft feet you once had in as little as one treatment Feetagoras socks comprises of all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts that boost your skin's natural healing process and are safe to use on both men and woman.
    It's never been easier to get amazing-looking feet. All you need to do is apply and allow the Feetagoras socks to work as it was designed to. You don't need to scrub your foot, putting your feet through pain to get a baby soft smooth foot. One pair of socks booties in the package that can be reused for 5 to 10 treatments (depends on the use). We always use natural ingredients in our products to ensure premium quality which will give you best results.

  • Apply a small amount of bio-cream to the skin and massage generously on your cracked and
    chapped feet skin. Work the cream into the soles of your feet. Recommended to apply Bio
    cream before bedtime once a day. To achieve best results, we recommend, prior the use, to
    apply our exclusive “Sequence-431” product - Natural antibacterial Bio Socks from the Dead
    Sea, unique product that was developed based on the water of the Dead Sea and containing all
    21 minerals.

  • For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes; keep out of reach of children.

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