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21+ Minerals Line

Our stressful lifestyles combined with exposure to the greatest toxic load in the history of our planet, can deplete our bodies of essential minerals. Minerals are found in body tissue and fluids. They also assist in nerve transmission, muscle contraction, cell permeability, blood formation, fluid regulation and energy production, by working in combination with enzymes, hormones and vitamins. Today, water-based mineral treatments are recognized for the physical and psychological care of many conditions. It is a well-known fact, that minerals prevent disease and promote good health. Minerals are inorganic substances required by the body, for a variety of functions. Minerals are essential for direct anti-oxidant activity as well as functioning as co- factors for a variety of anti-oxidant enzymes. Adequate mineral levels will aid in wound healing and improve the systems immune function. A deficiency state can develop because of a decreased mineral level in the critically ill. Our unique line of 21+ Mineral is based on natural Dead Sea water and enriched with all minerals that Dead Sea offers.

Feetagoras 21 Mineral Bio-Socks of the Dead Sea

Natural mineral feet bio-cream

Ageless Dead Sea Body Peeling Gel

Volcanic Mineral Black Mud Premium Face Mask

Natural products

Worldwide Shipping

High quality


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